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Aarhus Adult Education Centre

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Aarhus Adult Education Centre

VUC Aarhus is situated in the heart of Aarhus and is one of Denmark’s largest adult education centres.

We offer qualifying education for adults, who may choose to complete a full education or take single subjects (ranging from lower secondary level (AVU) to upper secondary level:  Higher Preparatory Exam (HF), and supplementary examination courses at upper secondary level (GS). The school also offers courses for dyslectics (OBU) and preparatory education for adults (FVU) where courses in basic reading, writing, and mathematics are available.

The school has a yearly intake of 6,000 students, corresponding to approximately 2,000 full-time course students, and the number of employees is 330.

Professionalism and quality
We are an ambitious school that focuses on academic excellence and high standards. Our programmes enable young people as well as adults to change tracks whether it be for further training and education, occupation or personal development.

Classes are organized with a view to flexibility; both day and evening classes are available as 6-month or 12-month courses and in certain cases intensive courses down to 4 weeks. Studies may be part-time (single subject) or full-time.

In most programmes and courses students now have a choice between regular classroom-based teaching and distance learning via the internet – at VUC Aarhus the latter is named Flex. This enables the student to study from home.

About VUC Aarhus

VUC Aarhus is located at Dalgas Avenue 2 in the centre of Aarhus. We have a small department on the island of Samsø.

  • The school’s 330 staff members comprise approx 200 teachers in the department of upper secondary education, 60 in lower secondary education, and 70 staff in administration, IT and service.
  • 80 pct. of the students study at the upper secondary level.
  • 45 pct. of the school’s HF students move on to university colleges, 45 pct. go to university  and about 10 pct. gain access to a business or occupational academy.
  • In 2013 the full-time HF students  at VUC Aarhus achieved the highest average grades in the country.
  • Most study programmes at VUC entitle the students to receive a national grant.

A good study environment

  • As part of all courses at VUC Aarhus there are teacher teams that support student achievement and progress. The school offers coaching on a day-to-day basis and a range of support and counselling dedicated to assisting the students to complete their education.
  • The school has a number of social activities, for instance a monthly open café/bar. We regularly invite students and teachers to lectures, debates etc with people from outside the school who leave their mark on today’s society.
  • Our students are mature and goal-oriented with regard to achieving the necessary qualifications to move on to the next step in their education and/or job. This rubs off on classroom activities, where the students focus on independent work and a high level of proficiency in their subjects.

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